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Allow time to stand still. Shut off the phone, leave life behind. Come, join me and be the centre of my universe as I'll be yours.
We all need connection: connection to lovers; or partners, to family, to friends, to colleagues and peers. We often expect a lot from our network, and they a lot from us. And sometimes our needs go beyond what our network can provide.
I am here to serve, to teach, to support, to connect, and to receive you where I can in the way you need.
I seek genuine connection in every encounter, and have a high esteem for people in general. A love a hot, steamy session as much as anyone, but my main priority is that we both feel comfortable. This is the springboard to deeper exploration and intimacy - where things get really juicy!
I am intuitive, perceptive, and easy to speak with, a combination that helps us co-create something breathtaking.
You are open, authentic, caring and interested. Interested in living, interested in being alive.
About you I have no other preconceptions, bring yourself as you are.
Please pop along to my website to find out more.
I really appreciate it when you make your first enquiry via my contact form at It helps me stream my admin and focus my energies on you.
Register your interest at
and I will return your call to discuss your booking.
My phone number is .
1 hr - $450
2 hr - $850
3 hr - $1100
Booking process:
I have a pre-booking fee of $50 which secures your place in my calendar. This is completely refundable from your booking.
Once we have discussed and agreed on a booking, I can send you a link to complete the booking process.
I am happy to discuss this with you further when we speak on the phone.
A word about safety and care:
Boundaries (will do / will not do) will be discussed prior to your booking yours and mine.
My duty of care for you requires that I have absolute and unquestionable respect for your boundaries.
My duty of care for myself requires the same.
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